Photography may not be my full time career but it is definitely my passion. Ever since I was able to pick up a camera I have documented my life as I see it. I try to incorporate photography into everything I do. Even my full time job is essentially taking photographs except they are called radiographs.

Since 2004, I have been photographing go-kart racing and late model stock cars and the reason behind is that my now husband has been my main subject. At first it was just about documenting his races and accomplishments but eventually other racers started asking me if I took any pictures of them. Eventually I just started documenting every race and racer so that they could have a memento from each race/win. Fast forward to present day to the creation of the Fade to Black website, which allows everyone to view pictures and purchase from different races across the country.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs.

Jennifer Henry

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